On September 8, 2019, we brought an art out of cramped galleries, museum rooms and stuffy music clubs into free cottage air surrounded by a historic, century-old farm. In spite of stereotypes, we have proved that Polish countryside is not only a folk art and disco-polo simple music. Our Sianowizje 2019 was visited by a surprisingly large number of people. We thank all guests – we are very grateful for your presence and great interest. Smiles on your faces are the best reward for us for so many weeks of hard work.

Our event was interdisciplinary, offering to the viewers open air painting, music and art exhibition. We invited a number of artists from various creative circles to participate. Viewers witnessed live mural painting on one of the walls of our gallery by Magda Jankowska. While painting, Magda was inspired by live music simultaneously played by Michał Sołtan. At the same time Michał was inspiring himself by Magda’s painting. Igor Pascali created not only a huge and surprising zebra mural on the door of our barn, but also a smaller mural on one of the walls of our gallery.

Tomasz Gorzkowicz together with Natalia Kadzidłowska for several days created an unique Totem Tree, on which both Sianowizje guests and future visitors of our centre will hang small various items, representing, we hope, good wishes for us and this place.

The famous sculptor from Opole, Henryk Korbański, presented a series of his magnificent drawings, which he called the Sianowizje. One of his interesting sculptures could also be seen at our exhibition.

During Sianowizje 2019, the Opole actress Elżbieta Żłobicka read beautifully her own poetry and prose as well as poems by Agnieszka Gzyl.

Bolek Wanat – the artist photographer showed his brilliant photos in a large format, and as a graphic designer he was also the author of the entire graphic design of Sianowizje event.

We would like to thank all the Artists who responded to our invitation and co-created Sianowizje 2019 with us. Beloved, without you it would simply not have succeeded!
Special thanks go to Cukry Nyskie – our sponsor, who sweetened the whole event by providing us with an immeasurable amount of delicious cakes and biscuits.

We also thank Radio Opole and the editor Mariusz Majeran for invaluable media support.

Sianowizje 2019 came to an end – but new ideas are already borning in our heads. We are convinced that soon the Slow Art Center will surprise you again.

See you soon!